Chocolat Stella

Chocolat Stella, a family owned enterprise, was founded in Switzerland in 1928 by Achille Vanotti. From the beginning, the Stella brand was synonymous with quality, having a reputation for producing outstanding and unique chocolates. As Chocolat Stella developed and grew over the 20th century, the values of sustainability, individuality and a pioneering spirit emerged as central to the company.


Today, with 85 years of experience, Chocolat Stella has become a pioneer of organic and ethical chocolate production. From producing one of the world's first Fairtrade chocolate bars in 1991, the brand now has a large range of sustainable, organic and Fairtrade chocolates in a wide variety of unique flavours. From chocolates with no added sugar, the baobab super-fruit, and coconut and agave nectars, Stella's chocolates appeal to a diverse audience and offer consumers a new world of choice.


Chocolat Stella boasts numerous certifications, including Fairtrade, UTZ, FSC, MyClimate carbon neutrality and EU, USA and Canadian organic recognition.