Fair Fundraising


We all love chocolate.

But, how is it produced?   

Reproduced with permission from BBC Worldwide Limited

We need a fairer option 

Many schools and organisations around Australia seek to supplement tuition or membership fees with fundraising by its students. Not-for-profits, charities and values based organisations also seek ways to raise funds, which is both effective and in line with their values.


Chocolate fundraising is often used as convenient way of raising funds. As issues of child slavery in cocoa’s supply chain are brought to public attention and left unaddressed by large chocolate manufacturers, Heart of Chocolate’s Fair Fundraising provides a fairtrade certified alternative in chocolate fundraising.

Who we are.

Fair Fundraising launched in 2013. It is an educational and fundraising initiative of Heart of Chocolate, aimed at increasing awareness of how chocolate is produced.


Product Range

We are proud to supply the following range of high quality chocolates for Fair Fundraising. 


 Fair Fundraising's Chocolate Range

Product Name Per Box Availability Cost Price (inc GST) RRP
Divine Milk Chocolate 30 x 35g Not Available $2.30 $3.50
Divine Milk Chocolate with Caramel 30 x 35g Not Available
$2.30 $3.50
Divine 70% Dark Chocolate 30 x 35g Available $2.30 $3.50
Divine White Chocolate 30 x 35g Not Available $2.30 $3.50
Chocolat Stella Milk Chocolate 18 x 50g Available $3.22 $5.00
Chocolat Stella Milk with 10% Broken Almonds 18 x 50g Available $3.22 $5.00
Chocolat Stella Milk with candied Orange 18 x 50g Available $3.22 $5.00
Chocolat Stella Dark with Coconut Nectar 18 x 50g Available $3.22 $5.00
Chocolat Stella Dark with Pomegranate 18 x 50g Available $3.22 $5.00
Chocolat Stella 80% Dark 18 x 50g Available
$3.22 $5.00


  • All of Heart of Chocolate's range is Fairtrade certified
  • Our chocolates are made using “single origin cocoa” which leads to a higher quality product
  • Divine Chocolate is 44% owned by Ghanian cocoa farmers who share in the profits. We are proud to be their Australian distributors. 
  • The beautiful packaging of Divine Chocolate incorporates Adinkra Symbols from West African culture. This reflects where the cocoa comes from 
  • The inside of each chocolate wrapper tells the story of Divine Chocolate and how they support farmers in Ghana.
  • Swiss chocolate makers Chocolat Stella have become a pioneer of organic and ethical chocolate production. From producing one of the world's first Fairtrade chocolate bars in 1991, the brand now has a large range of sustainable, organic and Fairtrade chocolates in a wide variety of unique flavours.
  • Fundraising prices are only available to approved organisations, and are subject to a minimum order of 6 boxes, which includes a Fairtrade chocolate education kit and free delivery to most Metro Areas Australia-wide (delivery fee applies for WA and some regional areas).
  • To register for Fair Fundraising, please click here 

    Please let us know if you are interested in any of our other chocolates for fundraising!


Step 1 ~ Plan your targets

  • Set a fundraising goal – how much money do you need to raise?
  • Place a minimum order of 6 boxes. You can raise up to $36 profit per box sold, based on RRP
  • Select from 4 flavours of Divine Chocolate – (fairtrade certified chocolate made by a company which is 45% owned by cocoa farmers!) and 6 flavours of Chocolat Stella

Step 2 ~ Place your order

  • Register here to become a Fair Fundraising partner of Heart of Chocolate
  • Our team will be in touch with you within 2 business days to set up your account You can then place your order through our website. Upfront payment is required by credit card or direct debit.
  • There is no charge for delivery
  • Each pack comes with a Fairtrade Chocolate Education Kit created by Heart of Chocolate in conjunction with the Global Poverty Project.
  • We ship deliveries twice a week. Depending on your location, delivery is usually 5-7 working days after receiving your order.
  • Note: due to the nature of our supply chain, large orders of over 100 boxes may take up to 6-8 weeks to arrive. Please allow for this and contact info@heartofchocolate.com.au with any queries or requests.

Step 3
 ~ Prepare the material

  • Heart of Chocolate is proud to present a unique educational experience as part of the fundraising activity. 
  • Individuals who lead Fair Fundraising for their organisation or group are encouraged to refer to the “Fairtrade Chocolate Education Kit” included with their chocolate delivery, and spend time to reflect on why they personally connect with Fairtrade chocolate. Each kit consists of: 
  1. Presenting Fairtrade Chocolate – Facilitator's notes 
  2. Link to view 4 short videos (approx. 2 minutes each) about the cocoa industry and fairtrade chocolate. Videos clips have been  produced by the BBC Worldwide, Oxfam Australia and Fairtrade and used with permission. 
  3. “My reasons” card. A way to personalise each student's response to Fairtrade chocolate and communicate this to others.

Step 4 ~ Present to your fundraising team 


  • Starting with their personal response to the issues of child slavery in chocolate, the facilitator shows each of the videos provided to the class or fundraising group.  
  • Guided by a facilitator, participants discuss their personal response to issues in cocoa production and Fairtrade chocolate
  • Taste the chocolate. What do you think of this chocolate? What, in addition to Fairtrade, makes you want to purchase this chocolate?
  • Record your response on the ‘My reasons’ card enclosed
  • Carry your 'My reasons' card when promoting fairtrade chocolate or tape it to the box if displayed in an office or workplace


Step 5 ~ Share the chocolate!

  • Now that you are connected with where chocolate comes from, you can organise your team and start selling.
  • It’s delightful to sell a high quality fundraising product which has a purpose greater than chocolate, and is welcomed by gourmet chocolate lovers – so enjoy the experience!
  • In traditional chocolate fundraising, most team members are able to sell one box each (50 units = $20 profit). Fair Fundraising is an exciting new venture where we predict that team members will be able to also sell one box, each. (30 units = $36 profit which can be applied to your school or organisation).


How much can I raise?

Great question! We believe that it is more effective to raise funds through Fair Fundraising than through Traditional Chocolate Fundraising. Here's why:

1 x Fair Fundraising sale, raises the SAME funds as the sale of 3 x  Traditional Chocolates*!!

*Based on Traditional Chocolate's $1 RRP and 40c profit, per unit. 

If you are selling to close family and friends, what is easier - selling one bar per person, or three bars per friend or family member?

If you engage a group of people about the Fairtrade story and/or about cause you are fundraising for, and then persuaded by you, they pick up "just one bar" of Fair Fundraising chocolate, it's the equivalent (in terms of profit) of having sold three bars of the traditional fundraising chocolates!

Here's a little table to show you the power of these numbers, multiplied across your team:


Tradtional Chocolate Fundraising

Heart of Chocolate’s Fair Fundraising



No, of chocolates

Profit if all chocolates sold

No, of chocolates

Profit if all chocolates sold


12 boxes






30 boxes






60 boxes






90 boxes






120 boxes






300 boxes







Getting started tips 

Here are 7 handy tips for fundraising organisers to ensure your fundraising drive is a success! 

1. Manage your selling expectations. 

Given the higher price point of the chocolates supplied by Fair Fundraising, students may sell fewer bars. However that is to be expected given the higher price point.

Remember that in terms of the funds back to your school, sale of 1 x Fair Fundraising Chocolate bar @ $3.50 each, results in $1.20 profit (equal to the sale of 3 x Chocolate Fundraising Bars @ $1.00 each, which gives you $0.40 cents profit, per sale). 

2. Order fewer boxes.

You may wish to tell students they should aim to sell one box each (30 bars), or being more conservative, even 2 boxes between 3 students (20 bars each). By making less sales with a higher profit you will still exceed previous targets.

 1 x Divine Chocolate sales, raises MORE funds, than 3 x  Traditional Chocolates*!!

*Based on Traditonal Chocolate's $1 RRP and 40c profit, per unit.

Remember, you can always re-order. The minimum order or re-order quantity is 12 boxes. 

3. Mix and match flavours between boxes.

When ordering, for every 6 boxes that you order you can choose one flavour. However once the boxes arrive you are welcome to "swap chocolates" in the class! 

4. Engage others around "your reasons"

Why not encourage students to host a party where they show others the video clips available on the Fair Fundraising page, and explain to friends and family why they believe Fairtrade is important?

5. Overcome price objections 

Teach your class to appreciate that they are selling a very special block of chocolate. More than doing good, it is an amazing and premium quality chocolate. So if someone is craving chocolate, this WILL hit the spot and they will not need to sacrifice quality for ethics!

6. Embrace Multiple Selling Points 

There are many reasons to purchase a bar of Divine Chocolate from Fair Fundraising! 1. It's Fairtrade! 2. Divine Chocolate is 45% owned by cocoa farmers 3. The quality of the chocolate is outstanding 4. There is a story behind each purchase, it's more than "just chocolate" 5.  The packaging is beautiful. 6. The packaging is meaningful. What other reasons can you think of?  

7. Be enthusiastic!

What is it about this chocolate that you especially identify with? Show others your enthusiasm and trust me, it's catching! Be your chocolate's biggest fan and you will quickly persuade others, too.


What is the Fairtrade Chocolate Education Kit?

Your group's ability to sell this unique chocolate strongly depends on how engaged they are around the chocolate, its taste, and its Fairtrade message and story.

The Fairtrade Chocolate Education Kit contains the following: 

  1. Presenting Fairtrade Chocolate – Facilitator's guide
  2. Link to download 4 short videos (approx. 2 minutes each) about the cocoa industry and fairtrade chocolate. Videos clips are produced by the BBC Worldwide, Oxfam Australia and Fairtrade and used with permission. 
  3. “My reasons” card. A way to personalise each participant's response to Fairtrade chocolate and communicate this to others.

Preparing to lead the discussion

Please take some time to view the videos provided and include your personal response, where indicated.  Each video ranges from 1-3 minutes in length. In the kit you will find a short introduction to each clip, followed by 2-3 suggested discussion questions. 

  • Each video is shown with permission from the BBC, Fairtrade Australia, Oxfam Australia and Heart of Chocolate.

    1. Chocolate the Bitter Truth - What's behind your chocolate? Produced by BBC Worldwide

    2. Chocolate the Bitter Truth - 8 and 11 year old boys harvesting cocoa Produced by BBC Worldwide
    3. Cocoa and child trafficking
    4. 45,000 reasons to switch to fairtrade chocolate- Produced by Oxfam Australia

It is estimated that the presentation will take no longer than 45-60 minutes, followed by the creation of the 'My Reasons' card. 

Once you have placed your order, you can download the education kit here

 Reasons' card?

The My Reasons card is a unique feature of Fair Fundraising. It is intended to connect each participant back to the reasons that they personally are supporting Fairtrade chocolate.

Based on everything that has been watched, discussed and tasted, each seller has the opportunity to write down the top 3 reasons which make them want to buy this fairtrade chocolate. There is no right or wrong answer. Answers may range from "It is important that other children go to school instead of working in cocoa" to "This is the best chocolate I have ever tasted!" 

The card can then be used as a personal reminder for the seller as they engage their family, friends and community in purchasing the chocolates. 

Alternatively, often chocolate fundraising boxes are brought to an office, and placed in a tea room alongside multiple boxes of chocolate. By taping the 'My Reasons' card to the front of your Fair Fundraising chocolate box, it distinguishes your boxes from the other chocolates and provides a personal touch from the seller to the buyer of the delicious chocolates. 

Download the "My Reasons" card