Sale items FAQ

Will the farmers receive a fair price if the chocolate is on sale?  

Absolutely! Farmers are paid a fair price when the cocoa and other raw ingredients are purchased, right at the beginning of the chocolate creation process. After production, certain items may go on "sale" for various reasons (for example: special offers, promotions or clearing overstocked items). However, this does not decrease the amount which the farmers receive, because they have already been paid for the ingredients which have gone into the product. 

Can you give me a reason to consider a bulk purchase of 5 or more sale blocks? 

Sure!! Firstly, it's chocolate! In most households, chocolate doesn't last long!! Secondly, it's a steal! Everyone loves a little bargain (especially when its not at the expense of the most vulnerable), and if you see an item hugely discounted, it's unlikely to be at this price again soon, so grab it while it lasts! Thirdly, why not release your creative juices? What can you do, make or bake with a mountain of high quality, fairtrade chocolate? Fourth, consider your friends! Have you always wanted to host a chocolate night in - here's a perfect excuse! Finally, it would be a huge encouragement to Heart of Chocolate (not to mention a help to our business cash flow) to have our friends and supporters buy up our 'excess chocolate'.. often below cost.. and free up funds to buy even more Fairtrade chocolate!

Is it safe to eat chocolate which has passed its best before date? 

In short, yes. So long as you're happy with the taste you can continue to eat products which have passed their best before date. A best before date is a recommendation that a product tastes best before that date has passed. Unlike a "use by" date (e.g. on fresh milk) following which you must throw out unused product, a best before date is up to an individual's discretion. At Heart of Chocolate, we regularly eat chocolates up to 2-3 months past their best before date with very little difference in taste. Following that, we love baking with our excess chocolate - yum!!  

I want to purchase a greater quantity than what's available. Do you have more stock than what's showing online?  

Occasionally, yes. If you want to purchase more than the quantity displayed online, drop us a line at with the product name and quantity, and we'll see what we can do!