What's in a name?

Why we are called Heart of Chocolate 

We often get a warm response from total strangers when we say that we represent a company called “Heart of Chocolate”. Our name suggests that we adore chocolate (which we do!) but where our company is different is in what goes on behind the chocolate.


What’s at the heart of your chocolate?

Heart - “one’s real nature, in contrast to how one may appear”

Have you ever stopped to question, what lies at the heart of the chocolate which you enjoy? From childhood right through to adulthood, chocolate is a reward, an indulgence a pick-me-up, a welcome gift, something which most of us purchase, receive or eat without a second thought, unless about the calories. However, did you know that even in the twenty-first century, child slavery remains rife in the cocoa production? I wonder how many people realise the supply chain ‘evils’ that are behind the product on our shelves, and stop to consider whether these are at odds with their own value system.


Respond with Heart

Heart - “the centre of a person’s thoughts and emotions, especially love or compassion”

Secondly, the name ‘Heart of Chocolate’ calls for people to respond with a heart of compassion. When I first heard and understood that one concept, the chocolate which I loved tasted like guilt. I couldn’t bear to think that my enjoyment in chocolate was contributing to the oppression of children elsewhere in the world.

Once you know how cocoa is harvested, will you choose to respond a different way? With each purchase we make, we as first-world consumers have the opportunity to say what we will and will not find acceptable. Will you allow compassion to influence your purchases?


Guard our Heart

Heart - “the vital part or essence*

Finally, the term heart can be used to refer to one’s motivations. One of our core sayings is, “Above all else, guard your heart, for it is the wellspring of life”. As a company, our mission is to present highly desirable chocolates, which channel funds to the developing world through their ethical supply chain. Our goal is to create a viable, thriving and growing business to become influential in ‘doing good’. We believe that if the heart of the decision makers within the business remains good and pure; from it, our company’s decisions will also be for the benefit of others.

To us, the ethics of the chocolate are not negotiable. As we grow in opportunities, size and success; we pledge to protect the heart of our business and operate with integrity and goodwill towards our supply chain, employees, volunteers and customers. We desire to be a business with heart, which treats others as we would like to be treated and always with a human touch.


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